Every time I check on Doge

Every time I check on Doge

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  1. Sure Doge was pumped, but now for 3 weeks it’s been 12th crypto by market cap, it’s getting more and more accepted as a currency and is getting a much-overdue software update. Let’s face it, it’s here to stay, and will get people more interested and accepting of crypto in general. It hasn’t been a bad thing at all in my opinion.

  2. Because it’s probably the second most well-known crypto among the general public after Bitcoin and is seen as an accessible way to start in crypto, no charts or candles, just buy Doge because good doggo.

    Doge has done more to improve the wider public image of crypto than any other coin and I will die on this hill.

  3. Unpopular opinion, but let’s be really it’s so cheap relative to everything else that it can treat it like actual money the way crypto was intended. Unlike bitcoin and eth that is becoming more of an investment vehicle than a currency. Like yeah it started out as joke but ended up being serious. I mean look at the 45th president America, a joke that went of the rails.



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