Everyone thinks they are “too late” to bitcoin at first, and they never are.

Everyone thinks they are “too late” to bitcoin at first, and they never are.

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  1. And now we have thousands of other shit coins and scams trying to replicate bitcoins success due to people thinking they are late. Little do they know there are limited Bitcoin to be obtained and not everyone owns them all yet.

  2. This is the thinking that lead to a million shitcoins.

    I am late to bitcoin. I want to recreate it to be early.

    Meanwhile the guy who created Bitcoin made nothing from it.

    Humans are so disgusting. Give them the perfect answer to almost all of their problems and they still fuck it up.

  3. When people say “Too late” I feel like they mean that they are too late to get incredibly lucky like the early investors did, making millions off almost nothing risked. In this case, you are too late.

  4. You realize that if you held from closing price in 2011 until 2022, to get more or less the same gains as people did in this period Bitcoin would have to be something like 95 million USD per coin in the next 11 years.

  5. That’s not true. The amount of Bitcoin that can be obtained gets shorter by the day and even if the price is down it is much higher than it was back then.

    Not everyone can afford a quarter of their yearly salary to get one Bitcoin, while back in the early days it could get them… A very big number of Bitcoins.

    If you removed the Bitcoin word there and added some other investment I’m positive most people would agree. But since it is Bitcoin… Belief over reason.

  6. I mean, realistically we’re all early as long as there is a block subsidy. Bitcoin doesn’t take it’s true form until after all the bitcoin have been mined.

  7. The screenshot itself is dated. Back in pre-Reddit days, community interest forums were very popular. Reddit sort of solved all that and made it easier to meet digitally online.

    Also, saying your too late in Crypto, is like saying you were born to late in this world and missed out on all the good stuff. Point being, we all thought or were concerned when we jump in that we were getting in late but that may not necessarily be reality.

  8. Even Hal Finney, the person who received the first transaction and one of the first miners, was regretting that he stopped mining because the fan of his PC was too loud.

    Regret seems to be an integral part of Bitcoin 🙂

  9. I do think bitcoin have this incentive problem, where late comers are greatly at disadvantage comparing to early adopters.

    Unlike housing market, you can start any time, but still have a stable projection of future value increase, in bitcoin if you are a few years late, the difficulty to get coins increase by magnitudes. From fiat profit point of view, it is also true, 100x gains in 4 years are no longer possible, people have to live with 20x gains or even less in coming halving cycle. But hopefully, the return is still higher than any other investments in the world

  10. There’s no such thing as too late.

    In any investment, especially volatile ones, there will always be accumulation phases.

    Bitcoin is valued under it’s 2 years moving average every couple of year, which defines an accumulation phase. This time is now.

  11. Can someone please explain why another cryptocurrency that implements the same algorithm and functions with that of bitcoin wouldn’t be possible?

    If it is possible, at that point, would the only difference be speculation?

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