Extract private key/mnemonics from muun?

Muun wallet has this non Bitcoin standard way of backup. You can use its recovery tool to send your funds to an address. I’m wondering if there is a way to not send your funds but to extract your private BIP39 mnemonics?

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  1. The reason Muun’s backup procedure is as complex as it is is because their wallet is 2-of-2 multisig. The backup procedure gives you access to both keys, but a single mnemonic phrase is not sufficient to give you access to your funds. If their wallet was a traditional singlesig, then they probably would have used the standard BIP39 mnemonic phrase backup mechanism.

    I’m not a fan of Muun’s backup procedure. The BIP39 mnemonic phrases are familiar to people, and you don’t want to introduce unfamiliarity or complexity in something as important as backing up a wallet.

    Muun really is an okay wallet, but I ultimately chose to use a different wallet because of this (and also I appreciate the more advanced features that some other wallets provide, such as Tor for better privacy and being able to use my own Electrum server).

    If you want a wallet that is just as easy-to-use as Muun but also has a mnemonic phrase backup and is also a little more configurable, [Phoenix]( is good. (I’m just a user.)

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