Fallon Mocks George Santos’ Alleged Expenses and Possible Expulsion from Congress

Jimmy Fallon took aim at New York Rep. George Santos during his monologue on Friday night’s “Tonight Show,” mocking the embattled congressman’s alleged use of campaign funds for personal expenses.

Jimmy Fallon Warns if George Santos Gets Kicked Out of Congress, ‘He’ll Have to Go From OnlyFans Customer to Creator’

Santos has been under fire since the release of a report by the House Ethics Committee that detailed a series of allegations against him, including spending campaign money on designer shoes, Botox, and OnlyFans. The report also found that Santos may have violated a number of other ethical guidelines.

Fallon, in his usual lighthearted style, joked about Santos’ potential expulsion from Congress, saying that he would “have to go from OnlyFans customer to OnlyFans creator.” He also quipped that Santos was planning to dress up as a turkey and get President Biden to pardon him.

Fallon’s comments come as Santos faces growing calls for his resignation. The House Ethics Committee has recommended that he be expelled from Congress, and a number of Republicans have also called for him to step down.

Santos has denied the allegations against him, but he has faced mounting pressure in recent weeks. The Ethics Committee’s report, which was based on a months-long investigation, found that Santos made a number of false or misleading statements about his background and qualifications.

Santos has also been accused of using campaign funds for personal expenses, including rent payments, travel, and meals. The Ethics Committee’s report found that Santos’ spending was “unprecedented” and “violated a number of ethical guidelines.”

Santos has denied that he used campaign funds for personal expenses, but he has been unable to provide adequate documentation to support his claims. The Ethics Committee has recommended that the Department of Justice investigate Santos’ finances.

Santos’ future in Congress remains uncertain. He is facing expulsion proceedings, and he is also under investigation by the Department of Justice. It is possible that he could be forced to resign or even face criminal charges.

Fallon’s monologue is just the latest in a series of jokes that have been made about Santos at the expense of late-night hosts. Seth Meyers, for example, recently joked that Santos was “a lesser Kardashian.”

The jokes about Santos are a reflection of the growing public perception that he is unfit to serve in Congress. Santos has been accused of lying about his background, violating ethics rules, and using campaign funds for personal expenses. If he is unable to clear his name, he could be forced to resign or even face criminal charges.

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