Fantom enters the Gemini and BitFinex platform


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• Fantom attracts the best cryptocurrency platforms after its rise.
• FTM technology promises to be innovative in the Ethereum ecosystem.

The Gemini and BitFinex cryptocurrency platforms include the Fantom token for safe trading. Both websites announced in the last hours that they now support the DeFi FTM token for investors to buy.

The virtual currency market has been renewing itself, and among the latest updates, FTM stands out. This cryptocurrency has an exciting protocol that promises to change smart contracts and profits for the investor.

What is Fantom?

Fantom is based on a project that aims to create a profitable way for smart contracts. This system promises speedy and low-cost transactions in which it could outperform existing Ethereum technology. It even offers better scalability in the virtual market with its Directed Acyclic Graph technology.

Fantom has plans of replacing Ethereum technology and being used by major emerging smart cities. Its viewpoint regarding working with cryptocurrencies is undoubtedly original, but its support is not as high as ETH. This occurs because the cryptocurrency has had little time to grow, unlike Ether, which is almost on par with Bitcoin.

The DeFi cryptocurrency is trading at 29 cents, with a downtrend after losing 5%. While the predictions on the FTM token are encouraging for many cryptocurrencies, its market indicates a promising future. The more cryptocurrency platforms accept the token will be beneficial for its capitalization.

Gemini and BitFinex accept FTMs

Both Bitfinex and Gemini have agreed to accept Fantom in their exchange. Based in the United States, Gemini will accept that its users buy all the tokens they want from FTM. However, Gemini has not yet explained listing this token on its platform.

Both crypto platforms are attracted to Fantom because the token has increased in value in 2021. But with the rise of all the tokens, FTM profited from it and increased its value by 50%.

Now investors can see FTM as an alternative to Ether, where they can save money with transactions. This token is backed by blockchain technology and its DAG ecosystem.

Fantom’s growth was attributed to several factors, mainly due to its association with government entities. In addition, the technology is easy to use, which attracts a large number of novice investors in the crypto market. The FTM blockchain is developer-friendly which has opened the doors to new DeFi projects.

Finally, cryptocurrency has a huge point of focus for the minimal transaction fees. It is also compatible with the Ethereum blockchain despite its competition.

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