FBI seizes 800 peoples safe deposit boxes and forces them to prove where the contents came from.

If they will raid and bust open 800 safe boxes with no evidence or arrests, image how easy freezing accounts is. I can hear it now ‘Yes the money here is showing to be from your paychecks, but can you prove its from your paychecks?’.

[Cant buy Bitcoin if we steal all your money first.](

They forced a retired chef to prove where he got $57,000… They said ‘he sold bongs part time so he had to be a drug dealer’… If only there was some better way for people to store money. I would say Bitcoin but those boating accidents raid more than the FBI.


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  1. How is drug residue on cash indicative of anything? Bills cycle through so many hands. For this guy in the story some of the cash came from selling bongs, I’m going to take a stab in the dark here and say some of those customers probably use drugs.

  2. FBI: man there is $750.000 here in the deposit box. Geez, i better catalog this $350.000. Would be a shame if this $125.000 would disappear before secured at the office. Agent Stafford. Please escort this $80.000 to the department.

    Agent Stafford: I would like to report a $57.000 in safe deposit box.

  3. This was the money that was reported to be in civil forfeiture but what they don’t tell you is about the lil cream off the top that these corrupt agents took and personally pocketed for themselves.

    It was a good night at happy hour that day.

    They should give them all lie detector tests. I bet they will go about how inaccurate lie detectors can be and all the errors but when you use a dog that is trained to sit to signal, their corruption knows no bounds.

  4. You’re omitting the small fact that U.S. Private Vaults was indicted by grand jury after it was established that a substantial number of the customers using the service were in fact laundering money, structuring funds to evade taxes, and distributing drugs.

    Notice the number is 800 safe boxes yet the contents of around 2/3 are in the seizure notice, because the other contents contained contraband. I don’t think the DOJ would put a notice out to come pick up your bricks.

    You think it’s common to store $1.856 million dollars in a fucking strip-mall storage locker because “reasons?”

    LOL. It was a laundering operation happening in Nevada, and transferring the funds for availability to LA county.

    I hate to ever defend the idea that “you have nothing to worry about if you didn’t do anything wrong” but in this case the few innocent people are obviously human shields for all the bullshit they were pulling.

    For every retired chef innocently selling bongs and storing their cash there, how many entities do you think were using it as a drop? Get real.

    Think of it from the greed side. If the DOJ/FBI/USPS were interested in doing a smash-and-grab, there are hundreds of these entities. They will obviously target those that they know they can “get away with it” (unless you’re so cynical you think they just randomly throw a dart at a board and go plundering with no actual investigation).

    And yes, bitcoin DOES end this, because there will be no more cash. FBI raiding storage lockers and finding encrypted USB thumb drives and hardware wallets, or nothing at all. Then what?

  5. > Ruiz is one of roughly 800 people whose money and valuables the FBI seized from safe deposit boxes they rented at the U.S. Private Vaults store in a strip mall on Olympic Boulevard.

    Federal smash ‘n grab.

    This will be even more entertaining when you’re required to be masked and show a ‘vaccine’ passport to file a complaint with the police or enter a court building to beg for your money back.

    The present system is suitable only for slaves and bitcoin is the first step to disconnecting from the slave system.

  6. Old news. Also:
    “The FBI was wrong. When Ruiz produced records showing the source of his money was legitimate, the government dropped its false accusation and returned his money.”
    No issues if you are not a criminal. However use a US bank deposit boxe instead of some strip mall shopping center deposit box lol..

  7. Society is going the wrong direction by seizing the money and assuming its the proceeds of crime instead of charging people with crimes and then seizing any criminal gains.

    They have it all backwards.

  8. This is what super powers do…they take over and steal everything. Spain, England, USA…..all steal from other countries and proudly display their “loot” in museums AND charge people to look at their bounty. So this truly doesn’t surprise me one bit.

  9. People get their crypto taken from the gov if they don’t take all the proper precautions. Bitcoin it literally on a public ledger and is the worst crypto when it comes to privacy

  10. I was audited by the IRS and they went line by line on my bank statements for the year asking what each deposit and withdrawal was for. Fortunately I have a near photographic memory and they were satisfied with my answers.

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