Features, Security, Services, Fees and More

Features, Security, Services, Fees and More

The fast increase in the number of cryptocurrency exchanges often can be confusing and that is exactly what is happening on the market. Choosing the exchange with the best set of features for a particular transaction might be challenging.

That is why various platforms are being devised to simplify this task through aggregation and filtered sorting. Swapzone is an example of such a platform, it is an instant crypto exchange aggregator that helps you browse through services, compare exchange rates, analyze and swap cryptocurrency in just one interface. All swaps are custody-free, with no registration needed. 

So here is a quick overview of Swapzone that covers everything about it like its features, security, services, fees, pros, and cons to let you get to know this service much better.

Found in 2019
Listed Cryptocurrency 500+
Deposit Fees No (charges are only taken from exchanges that it supports)
Customer Support Email, & Live Chat Support
Transaction Fees No (charges are only taken from exchanges that it supports)
Customer Support Email & Live Chat Support

Facts about Swapzone: 

Swapzone aggregates crypto-to-crypto exchange offers for supported cryptocurrency pairs through APIs of more than 15 exchange services. It lets users make swaps via chosen providers without leaving the website.

The exchanges shown through the Swapzone can be sorted based on the exchange rate, delivery time, or overall rating of the platform.

Swapzone is non-custodial and constantly monitors the market for fluctuations and other dynamic aspects for aggregating & suggesting exchanges.

Swapzone also highlights the money that can be saved through some exchanges over others which can be a valuable feature for beginners.

This platform really can help users make an informed decision and make the most out of their crypto conversions. The users can also review any exchange on Swapzone’s platform itself, saving a few steps for others.

Swapzone is regarded as a legitimate service, there are many reviews online on Trustpilot.

How does Swapzone work?

Swapzone brings together offers of a cryptocurrency exchange for supported cryptocurrency pairs via APIs of more than 15 exchange services. It sends users requests to receive deals directly from the exchanges, sorting them by rating, speed and allowing users to make swaps through selected providers without leaving our website. 

Why Swapzone?

Swapzone has been becoming more and more popular due to its features. Cryptocurrency pairs can be easily compared before swapping without the problem of going to dozens of websites and portals to get a profitable trading option. It is a free platform and does not require individuals to register on the website. Also, Swapzone gets no access to your amounts, it means that the assets are not stored on Swapzone, making it less prone to hackers or cyber perpetrators, so the answer to the question “is it safe?” is “Yes”.

Pros Cons
No additional transaction fees Some crypto exchanges are not supported 
No registration necessary  Does not support fiat currencies, but hopefully soon this will change
500 coins and tokens supported  
Fast and secure 
24/7 customer support


Swapzone also provides users with tutorials on how to use the Swapzone interface — it has a YouTube channel with multiple videos on how to take profits and how to exchange cryptocurrency. 


Swapzone offers a referral program that helps to profit by introducing Swapzone to the world. How does it work? Swapzone offers two basic tools: a referral link and a widget. A user chooses one of the tools that suits best and the more referrals you engage – the more earnings build-up, with no limitations set.

Moreover, Swapzone has an informative blog about cryptocurrency that you can find on the website.


Swapzone is one of the best crypto exchanges on the market as far as we can tell,  it offers an unfathomably long list of altcoins and assets on the platform. Swapzone displays 15 exchanges such as ChangeNOW, Changelly, FixedFloat, etc. and supports 500+ cryptocurrencies. It’s great for finding the best exchange rates.

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