Fed presidents actively traded stocks during 2020. Bitcoin fixes this.

Fed presidents actively traded stocks during 2020. Bitcoin fixes this.

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  1. I am still learning when it comes to Bitcoin. If we switched to Bitcoin, wouldn’t we still need to know said politicians wallet address? And even if we knew one what’s stopping then from having a 2nd.

  2. Pelosi has said that capitalism has not served the American people as well as it could.

    Reminder, her congressional salary is $193,400.

    Yet, her networth is $114.7 million.

    In 2020, she beat the market, & traded the most securities.

    This is from the unusual whale on Twitter.

    This is the type of stuff people need to be outraged and pissed off about.

  3. Lots of comments misinterpreting this as disallowing people to use Bitcoin or trading. This is about creating a level playing field where so single person or group can affect markets via money printer.

  4. Although I dont him very well. I do tend to like Powell. I think he’s a sincere person who knows he’s in a tough position. Yes I am like all of you against the policy of the fed however; I feel Powell kind of feels the same but has nowhere to go but QE. I’ve been actively following his speaches and his tone, posture and words come across like that. That he’s trapped with the mess of decades of greed before him. You cant really blame him for the mess in my opinion. For now, I’m somewhat relieved he runs the fed and that he’s trying to get transparency. (Title is misleading as its not Powell who traded stonks) Besides, the man has 17 million according to the article? In that world, thats next to nothing, lets be honest. Just trying to get a overall scope here, dont attack me for it…

  5. At this point I genuinely don’t know what Bitcoin fixes anymore.

    El Salvador is a mess, and QE is a necessary tool for governments to operate and stay competitive with other Governments.

  6. To answer some questions in the comments. It fixes it (maybe partially) because fiscal policy will cannot be controlled to such a large extent in a bitcoin dominated world.

    Print money and giving it to everyone would have to replaced with taxing everyone and then giving back that money. Stock markets wouldn’t pump unrealistically due to money printing.

    It reduces their opportunities to do insider trading. Of course they still have many avenues to do insider trading. Like say banning a business and shorting the stocks of that business.

  7. > Because the trust of the American people is essential for the Federal Reserve to effectively carry out our important mission. – Chairman Powel.

    That ship has sailed long ago.

  8. There are plenty of politicians who trade Bitcoin and they are the ones who help stop unfair legislation against Bitcoin. People will always use their power for their own self interest

  9. Lol let me get this straight, Bitcoin would fix government corruption, ok, but how is it going to fix the individuals who are playing the system? Bitcoin rips higher, rips lower — you think it’s fair play that’s moving bitcoin so much, or the retail investor? Hell no, it’s the whales. Whether you’re talking bitcoin, US dollar, tulips, whatever, we live in a world where there will always be rules and those who bend / break the rules AND get away with it. Bitcoin changes exactly ZERO of that. It will simply just be a different item to trade for the extreme wealthy and the well-to-do.

  10. What bullshit. Nothing stops them from investing in anything denominated in bitcoin and if this sub is to be believed they can do it more anonymously and “lose their funds in a boating accident”.

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