Ferrari Supercars are Now Being Sold for Bitcoin

Ferrari Supercars are Now Being Sold for Bitcoin

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  1. BTC for these one off purchases seems fine. The transaction fee is so small compared to the total price of what your paying and it’s not repeated.

    Good actual usecase for crypto. Would be awesome to use BTC as collateral on a loan for a car bought with BTC.

  2. I love to see more businesses adopting it as a payment method but I don’t understand who would ever do this? I guess maybe as a way of cashing out gains but it just doesn’t make sense to me otherwise

  3. I am pretty sure that if the price of the BTC goes down to half it’s value, he will increase the price to 8 BTC.
    He is not actually fixing the price in it.
    This is just trying to get noticed.



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