Fiat is muggle money. Bitcoin is for wizards.

Fiat is muggle money. Bitcoin is for wizards.

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  1. Source: American Dad S03E03 Dope & Faith

    Roger tricks Steve into thinking he got into Hogwarts when he really joined a gang of drug dealers. This line from the show always resonated with me, and I’ve been calling USD “muggle money” for years now

  2. The value of crypto really is what the majority dictates. Unfortunately that is what is heavily manipulated by the big boys. I just want to run an animal sanctuary in a hot country. That is what I would do with unlimited wealth.

  3. The biggest problem with btc is that it’s an appreciating asset. Most people are not incentivized to make transactions with it to buy or sell goods. It’s a great investment, but not good as legitimate currency.

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