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Film and streaming the new frontier for NFTs

For the first time in the film industry, movie tickets are being issued in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Liquid Network.

We are talking about “Silhouettes”, a science fiction film written and directed by Matt Hartley with the help of producer Shiv Rajagopal, which tells the story of astronaut Katherine Barnes who, in the midst of a routine inspection on a space station orbiting the Earth, is visited by an extraterrestrial, who takes her on a tour of the universe: past, present and future.

The cast also includes famous actors such as Dick Terhune, who previously worked on “Transformers: Cyberverse”, and Helen Day from “Toruk: The First Flight”.

Tickets for the film can be purchased on the official Silhouettes website, developed in collaboration with Pixelmatic. Founded in 2011, with teams located in Canada, China and France, Pixelmatic develops and manages video games for the global market and is powered by a team of gaming industry veterans from Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard and Relic. 

Pixelmatic is currently working on the highly anticipated sci-fi MMO strategy game Infinite Fleet.

“Silhouettes’, the film featuring NFT tickets

The real innovation is in the buying and selling process: each ticket, in addition to providing its buyer with exclusive access to the streaming, will be issued as an NFT with a unique ticket number. 

In addition, tickets for Silhouettes can be purchased using bitcoin, Liquid Bitcoin i.e. BTC issued on the Liquid Network, and Litecoin. Payments via Lightning Network are also accepted, as it is a low-cost micro-transaction.

Thanks to Liquid Network, a Bitcoin sidechain that aims to offer fast and confidential transactions between major trading platforms, NFT distribution is secure and accurate.

Liquid Network was developed by leading blockchain technology company Blockstream and is operated by a federation of 46 financial institutions around the world.

Director Matt Hartley commented on the initiative as follows:

“This is the next step forward in entertainment distribution. We see this as having the potential of becoming the Netflix of Bitcoin”.

Streaming has effectively put an end to special edition DVD products with the introduction of subscription models that apply to everyone.

NFTs offer the opportunity to reintroduce collectible films and TV programmes. Finally, with NFTs, film fans can interact with filmmakers and their favourite projects in deeper and more meaningful ways.

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