Finally invested in some security instead of buying random shitcoins

Finally invested in some security instead of buying random shitcoins

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  1. I went the other way. The random shitcoins I bought were so shit that I no longer need to invest in some security.

  2. I upgraded to the X recently, mostly because I wanted a second ledger in order to ensure my seed words work correctly to clone my old S for peace of mind..

    The hardware is more solid and some of the additional features are nice, but the Bluetooth doesn’t work on PC/Mac; phone only with their software. Ultimately the S is fine.

  3. Great work! Now that you got that out of the way, you can save your money back up to buy random shitcoins to store on your new Ledger!

  4. Is the ledger a replacement for the bitcoin app on the phone? Can you send with it or only receive? You just put it in a safe? Can’t you just put your seed words in the safe instead?

  5. Memorize your seed, it’ll make you feel good and smart. If you find it tough to do then make up a story. Here’s mine.

    As I was going to St Ives I met a man with seven wives Every wife had seven sacks Every sack had seven cats Every cat had seven kits

    Kits, cats, sacks, wives How many were going to St Ives

    A moon for the person that works out what my seed is.

  6. Grats my dude i had mine since 2018 and i no issue or problems meanwhile a few of my friends were hacked on mew and metamask.

  7. Gotta have cold storage out here. Diversity is crucial in being a successful investor! Congrats friend! Welcome to the big time 😉

  8. Hold some of my coins on exchanges for now but I must say I’m glad when I see people using ledgers as that is the proper path to decentralization and financial freedom 😊

  9. I put an order in for one, and I have a few shitcoins I’ve collected. I was thinking this could only hold the major coins. Can it hold shitcoins too?

  10. Enjoy deciding which three of all your shitcoins you are going to store on it! Nano S has no space for apps, I’m really considering upgrading to X

  11. I’m still lurking and learning about cryptos but damn do I want one of these. I don’t even own anything yet.
    They look super cool though, gotta resist temptation of buying one preemptively.

  12. My ledger purchase was probably my best decision about the Crypto space. I feel so much safer knowing my funds are off an exchange

  13. I’m surprised by how many comments misunderstand how useful a Ledger Nano is.

    This is a hardware wallet, hold your coins safely, back up your seed to recover the wallet if the wallet is list or damaged. Definitely a must buy for any serious holder.

  14. Welcome to the club. Just remember to not share your Mnemonic phrase with with anyone and do not type it on any website. If any website or app asks for it, it’s a scam. Basically, do not type it or give it to anyone. Keep it secure. If you can’t, give it to me.

  15. My portfolio is so worthless right, someone would hack in and then cut their power so they could stop looking at this trainwreck.

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