Financial Guru Dave Ramsey Advises What to Do With Bitcoin Investments

Financial Guru Dave Ramsey Advises What to Do With Bitcoin Investments

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  1. In Ramsey’s universe the only investments he ever recommends is real estate and stock mutual funds.

    He only understands those two things and nothing else.

    I appreciate his no debt attitude but his investing advise is inflexible and stuck into a limited track.

  2. he caters his message to blanket the masses. He can’t stray from the foundational message or else he would have to give different advice for every individual. His advice isn’t bad, it’s very common sense that applies to a high % of his audience. I’m not surprised this is his take.

  3. >Ramsey has long been a bitcoin skeptic. In December last year, he gave similar advice to another BTC investor who turned his $1,500 bitcoin investment into $120K. At the time, Ramsey doubted that the bitcoins could be cashed out, calling the cryptocurrency “funny money.”

    The 1994 version would’ve been like, “Ramsey doubted that the recipient of an ‘electronic’ mail would actually receive it, saying, ‘E-mail is most likely a hoax. I recommend instead trusted and proven methods of letter-writing. If there’s no physical stamp you can’t trust it.”

  4. His advice is great for anyone in debt and that can’t be “trusted” with debt. It’s not for everyone, and I completely disagree with his advice once your out of stupid debts (never buy anything with debt again) but if you listened to him and follow what he says you would be in a better place then 95% of the population.

  5. Dave failed to even consider if this guys gains were long term. If they were held less than 1 year they would be taxed as ordinary income. He could at least have recommended holding them till the 1 year term had been reached

  6. Dave Ramsay doesn’t understand crypto enough for me to respect his opinion on it. Watch him do a 180 on crypto once it becomes bigger than it already is, and he can’t ignore it anymore

  7. tldr; Personal finance expert Dave Ramsey has given some advice on what to do with bitcoin investments. While acknowledging that the cryptocurrency has had a “fabulous” run, Ramsey still prefers putting his money in more “proven” investments. “Bitcoin had a fabulous run in the last year, but that doesn’t mean it’s an investment you need to do,” he said.

    *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*

  8. Ramsey compared crypto to gambling like a slot machine. This is a person who never bothered no doubt to understand the benefits of crypto and blockchain. He is so blinded by his self worth .



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