First Wallet to Link in RGB Libraries?

Now that taproot is out of the way. What will be first wallet to link in RGB libraries? BitcoinKnots perhaps? Specter? Sparrow?

# What is RGB?

The first thing to understand about RGB is: Its not a blockchain, Its not a token, Its not an “upgrade” to Bitcoin protocol… RGB uses “Client Side Validation” to bring Token/NFT/SmartContract support on mainchain.

The importance of this is hard to overstate. If your wallet doesn’t support RGB libraries…no problem. You just see regular Bitcoin transaction with some unknown data attached.

If your wallet supports RGB? Great you get the full “**R**eally **G**ood **B**itcoin” experience.

# Wait so this means…..

Yes. Assets / SC / NFT’s everywhere that Bitcoin already is.

# You mean like Tether USDT on Lightning….?!?!


So with no “upgrade”, no “fork”, no change to anything suddenly Bitcoin gets Fungible, Non-Fungible, Securities, Assets, Smart Contracts, etc.

Your existing wallet will hold all those “assets”. Your same seed phrase backs up “all your assets”. Its simply that Bitcoin does it all now.

# Can I read more?


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  1. tether and nfts were already on bitcoin from day 1 since they were literally invented there, this is just a more layer 2 compatible and scalable take on it. I think it’s great it doesn’t depend on some other token to use as well.

    another way to do tether type stuff in channels is dlc channels where an oracle is used to keep a peg inside a channel that’s basically invisible to outsiders

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