Flipkart Bitcoin payments go live – Indian e-tailer spices up 2021 April Fools day


Flipkart Bitcoin payments are now live. Or are they? Flipkart’s latest tweet is getting all the hype as it announces Bitcoin as a mode of payment on the famous Indian e-commerce platform. Crypto fans are getting confused about how the company can offer Bitcoin payments when the government has not yet allowed cryptocurrencies to operate in the country.

However, Flipkart’s past helps derive a more logical explanation for the tweet. Every year, Flipkart is known to post April Fools tweets that often reverberate with the times. It seems this year, the e-tailer has chosen cryptocurrency Bitcoin considering all the hype surrounding the topic these days.

Flipkart Bitcoin payments are probably not happening anytime soon

The tweet announcing Flipkart Bitcoin payments as a mode for online shopping quickly went viral. The company mentioned that it would be accepting Bitcoin as a convenient mode of payment. The hype began almost immediately, with most Flipkart fans congratulating the platform for its forward-thinking approach.

However, soon the reality dawned as many long-term users recognized the timing of the tweet. The sudden pro-crypto stance by Flipkart comes amid a flurry of April fool jokes by many other popular platforms.

Based out of Bangalore, Flipkart boasts of approximately 200 million active users from India. The announcement can mean a lot to the crypto industry in India. The Indian government has had a rigid stance on cryptocurrencies and now plans to ban their use across India. Thus, the timing of the tweet is questionable.

Flipkart Bitcoin announcement contradicts current Indian crypto scene

As April 2021 dawns, most users now suspect the tweet to be another April Fool’s joke by Flipkart. The veracity of the claim has not been verified yet. The Flipkart Bitcoin payments feature is not yet available on the mobile app. At the time of writing, the company’s claims are probably not true.

Why would an established company like Flipkart go against government regulations and announce the same on its Twitter handle? It would damage its business prospects and also cause unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles.

Some users are not taking the joke in good humor. Serious crypto fans who are already disappointed by the harsh stance of the Indian government find the humorous tweet in bad taste. Die-hard crypto fans expect the Indian government to warm up to cryptocurrencies slowly. In such times, Flipkart Bitcoin payments April Fool tweet can certainly disappoint them further. Still, the tweet does show that large corporations in India recognize the chatter of cryptocurrencies. And that’s a good thing nonetheless.

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