Fnatic and partner with a $15 million deal

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• Fnatic announces that it will launch an NFT auction shortly. will increase its popularity with advertising in video games.

Fnatic, a company that promotes competitive games such as League of Legends, is a new player in the NFT market. The London-based company recently announced that it has linked with the website.

The marketing group signed a pact with to include it in their campaigns for a few years. According to unofficial sources, the contract was valued at about $15 million.

Fnatic advertises


When talking about non-fungible tokens, is automatically taken as the official website. Now, this popularity towards the NFTs website will increase after Fnatic advertises them.

The London group that has been present in MOBA games like League Of Legends included the NFT website logo on their shirts. It is expected that with this alliance, the website will be recognized as one of the best websites that work with NFT and with cryptocurrencies.

Fnatic announced that its team would reward all the people who visit the website based on this partnership. The group also took a moment to announce an upcoming NFT auction, the first for the firm.

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are virtual pieces of a single category linked to the art world, sports, or video games. NFTs can be compared to the trading cards popular in the 70s or 80s. society raises its fame

Before the website partnered with Fnatic, it had a good reputation for displaying a simple and up-to-date interface. But with this partnership, the company could raise its fame by reaching other users in different regions, not only Europe.

The goal is to link to the most popular video game industry, such as LOL, which is in its thirteenth year of creation, representing one of the most entertaining online sports in the world.

From another perspective, Fnatic will offer education about cryptocurrencies and the growing NFT market. The company seeks to boost trading with non-fungible tokens, but not without first teaching its fans how to use them.

The team’s executive director that promotes video games, Sam Matthews, believes this partnership could motivate other sports companies to use NFTs. With Fnatic, firms such as PSG, Formula 1, and the UFC are added.

Non-fungible tokens have been a topic of discussion since the beginning of the year; every weekend, an auction is scheduled that surprises its enthusiasts. Shortly, the video game promotion team may showcase their League of Legends characters pieces as their main theme. The online gaming team is expected to announce its first NFT auction in the coming weeks.

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