FORBES Magazine Article about r/Cryptocurrency, and Moons

It was written last year in April.

It’s the end of the article that grabbed my attention the most. Concerning main net..

Specifically stated….

“*They will remain in beta on the testnet for the rest of the summer before graduating to Ethereum’s mainnet if they pass the testnet’s trial round*”.

Not sure if they got the word from reddit devs that it’s going to be a summer trial of what.

But it definitely sounds like they have the ability to make moons go main street at the snap of a finger.

Now. About this so called…

###If they pass the test net’s Trial round

What and how long is the trial round? Seems to me almost a year is sufficient enough to get a pass/fail score?

Also, what has to pass a trial run? No serious bugs? Volume ?

I can’t really picture volume as a test on the simple fact that nobody new is really gonna have an easy time to purchase enough through the test net.

I’m only left with trial round to make sure there is no serious bugs and it’s been almost a year. So…

Does that make any sense? Please enlighten me if I’m way off here. I just don’t see why there isn’t an update on a trial run yet.

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