Fortune favours the brave. An ad featuring Matt Damon about crypto investment.

Matt Damon about crypto investment

We are a community building the future of the internet: Web3

Powered by cryptocurrency,
Web3 will be more fair and equitable,
owned by the builders, creators and users.


It’s an audacious goal.
For years we’ve been told it’s impossible.

Undeterred, we embrace the moment and commit.
We build day by day, block by block, to give everyone control
over their money, data and identity.

The journey will be long and hard.
But we will all look back at this moment the way Matt looks at Mars
and know “it was all worth it”.

You too can be part of this journey, today.
Download the app, join the community, help build the future.

And when in doubt, calm your mind and steel your nerves with four simple words whispered by the intrepid since the time of the Romans.

Fortune Favours the Brave.

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  1. Normally I’m pretty meh on advertising like this, but I really do like ‘fortune favors the brave’. It goes straight to the point: you too can be shockingly rich, as long as you can handle the ridiculous, colon-liquifying volatility.

    Occasionally peel off some of those *sick gainz* and get some adult diapers.

  2. Fortune favors the prepared mind.

    There’s Bitcoin, and then there’s “crypto” — alt-coins.

    Nearly every alt-coin is a shitcoin. Maybe a handful out of many thousands are not pure scam shitcoins. All the others are pure scam shitcoins. Most people lack the skills and knowledge to be able to discern the few non-scam coins from the long list of all alt-coins.

    Shitcoins are sold to numbskulls who think they’re so fucking smart that they’re going to discover and buy “the next Bitcoin” early and get rich quick.

    Shitcoins are created by scammers to fleece the aforementioned group.

    Only buy Bitcoin. Don’t get scammed.

  3. If I have to see one more, we’ll, eToro, or Robinhood commercial I think I’m going to lose my mind. I’m not going to download their app. I’m not going to use their service. I’M GOOD.

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