Forward Protocol soon to announce IBO date; communities expectantly wait


Forward Protocol’s IBO (Initial Blockchain Offering) begins soon; hours are ticking. Just off the press, Forward Protocol has raised $1.25 million across two series of funding rounds, attracting investment from leading blockchain projects and venture capital groups such as, CVVC, AU21, X21, and GDA Capital.

All the pieces are falling into place now as their new #website went live on December 7. The new design reflects their forward-thinking philosophy, vision, and values! Would you please go check out their minty fresh website to get a feel of the new, elevated experience: @ForwardProtocol

Cryptopolitan, the trusted, neutral cryptocurrency news outlet, repeatedly featured the partners to the project. Forward Protocol caught the attention of Blockchainwire, too. Medium constantly covered the initial movements of the project to get it mounted for the IBO.

The Forward Protocol team has worked hard to bring about workable solutions not only in the DeEd (Decentralised Education) sphere but in many real use cases of blockchain, which will be unveiled soon. The waiting list is long and significant, which includes English Forward, the largest English learning community online, with a global reach of more than 310 million.

Passion behind the scenes

Forward Protocol would not have come this far without its two passionate founders, Mitch Rankin and Karnika Yashwant. A bold enthusiast of UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) for 2030, Rankin aims to “impact a billion people’s lives” through inclusive and equitable quality education.

Helping put this dream into action is Yashwant, aka Mr. KEY, an equally ardent supporter of education reform and a blockchain expert. He is also an entrepreneur, blockchain marketer, speaker, and life coach.

Breaking barriers to blockchain adoption

One of the factors limiting industry-wide adoption of blockchain technology is the high capital expenditure needed to develop applications. Another major barrier is the lack of technical expertise necessary for building effective solutions, which would still take a long time to implement even if they hired professionals.

Forward Protocol comes to the rescue in a B2B fashion, connecting ideas, companies, and markets through open-source, no-code, fully customizable blockchain smart contract tools. It eliminates the biggest flaws in organizational blockchain adoption, making it unambiguous and easy to use.

Users can interact with Forward Protocol’s straightforward WordPress-like no-code environment even without much technical knowledge. The startup sets the stage for affordable scalability while the organizations decide the parameters.

Stay tuned for the latest news on where you can join the IBO by following FORWARD PROTOCOL media channels:

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