France turns down Russia’s request ‘to be handed over BTC-e Operator Alexander Vinnik.’

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TL;DR Breakdown

  • France rejects Russian’s request to extradite Vinnik.
  • Vinnik set to begin a new hunger strike.

The France judicial services have turned down Russia’s request to surrender to them a BTC-e operator, as stated by the legal representative of Russia. Alexander was hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel; however, the decision made by France’s judicial authorities has taken away all his hopes. Vinnik is ready to commence another hunger strike despite having health issues. Vinnik has been detained since 2017.

Vinnik case set to continue in France

BTC-e digital currency exchange was recently accused of money laundering and charged with five-year imprisonment and a fine of €100,000. Russia’s commissioner for human rights Tatyana said that French judicial services have turned down their government’s request to be given Vinnik. However, consideration of the case is set to continue.

Last year the Paris correction court found Vinnik guilty of money laundering; however, they dropped the charges against him.

Vinnik was arrested in 2017 while on vacation with his family after the United States gave a warrant for his arrest. Vinnik was detained for 30 months in Greece without charges against him; he started a hunger strike for about three months. This decision came after Vinnik was detained for more than what the law allows. He ceased the hunger strike after being visited by the Russia commissioner for human rights Tatyana in hospital. She told the Russian media that Vinnik was in bad condition and he requires professional medical care; else, he could die.

Vinik’s health status

The believed cofounder of the BTC-e digital asset exchange was accused of laundering about $9 billion. Vinnik’s health calls for attention after the Russian representative said that the IT man is ready to commence another hunger strike after France turned down Russian’s request. Tatyana Moskalkova said that she is not aware of any suicide attempt; however, Vinniks’s lawyer said that his psychological state is currently terrible.

The human rights commissioner hopes that the prisoners will have the courage to continue actively fighting for their rights.

Tatyana regrets that the world has not yet heard the appeal of the Russian Human Rights Commission and other Russian authorities like the Russian Foreign ministry.

Vinnik’s case brings tension as three big nations want the prisoner handed over to them. In 2019, Kostas, the Greece Minister of justice, decided to extradite Vinnik to France, followed by the USA, and finally to his native country, Russia.

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