free contest for creators of AR content  – The Cryptonomist

free contest for creators of AR content  - The Cryptonomist

In these hours, OVR, the Augmented Reality (AR) platform, is launching a new free competition for creators of AR content, called OVR ARwards. As a prize, creators will be able to gain visibility and win prizes in OVR tokens for their created content. 

In order to take part in the contest, creators will have to access the dedicated platform, sign up, accept the terms and conditions of the contest and access the private builder area to start creating or uploading their 3D project.

OVR ARwards 2021: the Augmented Reality contest

The Italian project OVR, organizer of the OVR ARwards 2021 contest, has become famous in the crypto world for its OVRLand platform that has been setting records since last March 2021 for the sale of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). 

As a result of the OVRLand boom, the community of creators already knows the mechanism: buy an OVRLand NFT and create augmented reality experiences on it. 

The new OVR ARwards 2021 competition allows users to participate for free (no need to buy any NFT) and let the creator use OVRLand only to visualize his 3D model uploaded in his workspace. 

In the “draft” version, the 3D model can be modified or improved, until it is sent in its final version to the OVR team, who will proceed with the approval of the content of the file. 

The content will be shown in the list of candidates of the competition and will receive its rating. Each creator will have a profile that clearly shows the list of their works (their display). The number of experiences per creator for the contest is only one.

OVR is launching a competition for creators of AR content

OVR ARwards: create AR experiences, get visibility and win OVR

For the duration of the contest, the 3D project with AR experience created by the participant will be shown on the OVR platform

Creators will then have access to a much wider interested audience and gain more visibility. What’s more, the competition includes a vote to win prizes in OVR tokens

The ERC-20 OVR token is available for trading on Uniswap, ZT,, BitMart and PancakeSwap and, at the time of writing, is worth exactly $0.70

The ARwards promises to reward the design, creativity and thematic relevance of the AR experiences of content creators.

Blockchain-based quadratic voting system

Another peculiarity of the OVR ARwards competition is its voting system that uses blockchain-based quadratic voting. 

Basically, voters, i.e. all OVR users, will be able to choose to vote regardless of whether they have OVR in their wallets or not. However, the vote of those users who hold OVR tokens in their wallets will have greater weight. 

Here’s how it’s explained directly from OVR:

“If voter A has no OVR tokens in his wallet, voter B has 100 OVR tokens and voter C has 1000 tokens, voter B’s vote will have higher weight than voter A’s vote and in turn, voter C’s vote will have more weight than voter B’s vote”.


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