Friendly Reminder: Monero can be controlled with a hardware wallet for increased security.

Some people that I’ve spoken to recently were surprised to hear that you could use a hardware wallet with Monero so I just wanted to remind folks that options do exist and drop a few alleged examples from my personal experience before the accident. As usual, do your own research into what best meets your needs and never trust strangers on the internet offering digital candy.

I don’t own a Trezor device so I cannot speak to the specific model, but Monero is supported by Trezor and Ledger with new hardware offerings from other companies allegedly planned. I personally wielded a Ledger Nano S with great success before the accident.

On Linux PC I installed the Ledger Live software for device firmware upgrades. Windows is even easier. If you have issues on the Linux install check the Ledger Support page for the Linux terminal code sample for updating the correct device usb permissions. It’s easier than it sounds and the directions are very clear on Ledger’s page.

Using the official [Monero GUI wallet]( I started to sync the chain from scratch and got instantly impatient and switched over to my Android device to jumpstart the process. I could have simply switched to a remote node on the Monero GUI wallet but I wanted that independent copy of the blockchain so I left it to do it’s thing while I played on Mobile.

On Android, I fired up Monerujo Monero wallet. I was able to generate all necessary components and quickly synced my Ledger up using a random remote node. (Thanks fios subscriber! Nice upload speed!)

If you do not geographically identify as an American you gain access to built in tools to spend XMR to other coin. For example, its theoretically possible to send XMR to a bitcoin address, such as, oh I dunno, a cash app deposit address and then sell and cash out via ATM. I wouldn’t know, that’s outside my jurisdiction. Not that you’re spending your coins willy nilly, but sometimes you need an extra $12 for that case of beer. It’s been a long week, you know? I’m not here to judge.

Once I got done playing with generating subaddresses and sending a few transactions to myself I jumped off Monerujo and back onto my linux box and synced up my ledger with my locally stored copy of the blockchain. It didn’t take that long, I have a decent machine and it’s able to compute the numbers fairly quickly. You have to remember, privacy comes at a cost. It’s much easier and quicker to query a transparent ledger such as bitcoin but new developments are made on that front often and it’s way faster than it used to be, trust me on that 😂

With the Monero GUI I was able to easily produce new subaddresses with matching QR codes as well as access the integrated Point Of Sale system “Merchant Mode”, all protected with my Ledger.

You have 3 pieces of software you must maintain. The wallet client, the ledger device firmware, and the ledger device Monero app obtained from the Ledger Management section of the dashboard. If any single component is not up to date you will not straight up have a good time. In fact, you’ll be testing cords and thinking you are an idiot for thinking it would work until you simply update your software.

Pro tip I wish I’d heeded, your device is not waterproof.

So good luck! Keep your seed safe. If you mess up your device and need to reset it it’s a lot nicer when you have the seed like a responsible adult. If your ledger software ever asks you for your seed, tell it to pound sand as you’ve been compromised and you have downloaded fraudulent software. Never ever ever for any reason whatsoever divulge your seed. If you type it in to something you pay the gullible tax. It’s an automatic withdrawal. The screen will look legitimate and you’ll get suckered in a heartbeat if you forget the golden rule of hardware wallet ownership: your seed never gets typed into anything. Ever. Period. Full stop. Don’t do it. You’ve been warned. Your mother will disown you and put you back into the burlap sack you never should have escaped from. Love youuuu

Thank you for coming to my fred talk. If you feel so inclined to award this post, don’t. Save your money or do your part to stimulate the economy and buy some heroin on the dark web.

(Just kidding! Treat yourself to a beer or buy an elderly neighbor a suette cake so she can watch the birds from her parlor window during the lonely parts of the pandemic. Crypto is power to the people. Gotta look out for the human part of the equation too.)

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  2. I love how these monero folks always pepper in little things like “allegedly” and “boating accident” when they make reddit posts.

    Makes it so believable.

    Disclosure: monero tech is neat but I haven’t tried it yet.



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