Full Send ($FULLSEND) Due Dillegence – Undervalued project (Doxx Team, Products, Low Mcap) – Latest Big News Was Listed in CoinGecko

Hey, everyone. I was the one who created the tips to make sure whether the project is a scam/rugpull or not. I learnt something new, and I’ll let you guys know in my next post after my DD in this project.

I found Full Send at the day it was released (around 10-11 days ago), and my believe percentage to this project is always a 99%. I’ll tell you my reasons why this coin is totally undervalued and a real good project:

– First thing first, dev team is fully doxxed. Not just a photo of the dev, but also some videos, and about to be registered as a company in Europe. (A real team with more than 10 devs)

– Real product is on development: The first main product of Full Send will be a Cryptocurrency app. This app will be available to teach newbie all about crypto, how crypto works.
–Therefore, we will incorporate a TRADING-BOT section in the app that allows traders to choose between bots that are investing in different cryptos and crypto-pairs. Users will be able to see what the bots are trading in real-time, see the bots review and hit-rate (day/week/month/year). This allows for the users to find and follow the bots they like and most importantly, copy their trading activity with one simple “click.” —

– It was audited before it released, by TechRate. not the most important thing but atleast it helps.

– Full Send already applied to every important places: CoinGecko (Now Listed), CoinMarketCap, LiveCoinWatch (Listed), Stocktwits (Listed), Blockfolio (1k+ upvotes but not yet listed)

– Full Send is 11 days old and currently ‘only’ have around 10k holders, as I said, undervalued

– They listen to the community. One day I told them that I thought dev was holding too much percentage of Full Send token, they listened. They told me that they love my idea to burn more percentage of the devs wallet, to gain more trust from people who wants to invest but scared of the devs wallet.

– Active developers. You can join the Telegram group and look at how active are the devs.

– Was at a small marketcap, still a small market cap for now (Around $15m MC). Yes, undervalued.

– From what I see, the devs have passion working on the project. They spent their wallet to do promotions, ads, listing, etc. They are believing in the project, just like the community believes in them.

– Strong support at current chart. Not a 100x in a day, but a normal price growth. Ahh, undervalued.

You of course always have to do your own research, I’m here to spill my thoughts about the project, why I invested at the first place. No one can force you to invest on a project, if you think the project is solid, got fundamentals, and got future, invest it. As long as you make sure that you are really investing on a project because how good the project is, how the fundamentals make you believe that the project will get bigger day by day.
Goodluck on finding gems, do some of your research first and don’t throw your money in before you research.
By the way, Full Send website is here. All social media informations can be found in the website. (Also chart, news, team photo, how to buy, other info about project)

By the way, Full Send website is [here](

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