FUN FACT: Entire Cryptocurrency accounts for only 0.16% of the global wealth. It’s NOT too late to invest.

The global cryptocurrency market cap has recently reached a new milestone of 2 trillion $, which is impressive, but pales in comparison to the entire global money and investments valuation of 1.2 Quadrillion $.

This leads to Cryptocurrency being able to secure a meagre 0.16% of the entire global market.

Here’s an article to help visualize it:

I have seen people being reluctant to invest now or waiting for a dip because they think cryptocurrency has grown too quickly. But if cryptocurrency lives up to its potential of becoming a foundation of the new financial system, then there is still potential for 100x growth in almost any Cryptocurrency project with good fundamentals.

This metric is also reason why the major institutions and banks have recently started dabbling in cryptocurrency.

So, it’s never too late to get a piece of the future.

Who knows, your grandchildren will thank you for it.

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  1. Really good point to re-enforce, we’re still light years away from mainstream adoption. Even if you jump on the train today, you’re still one of the early adopters!

  2. It’s hard to make people understand that yes, we are still early. Most non crypto people look at BTC and brush it off as missed opportunity.

    I feel like this will help. Thanks.

  3. Out of curiosity do we have any idea what % of global wealth is in fiat currency? And as a side thought in case we don’t: is the claim of this post even possible then?

  4. The problem is people think BTC and ETH are the only crypto. I made a similar post and majority believe they’re in the normal phase and not early.

    There’ll be more applications that need solutions and crypto will offer some of them. Many to come and many to moon all while crypto market cap soars.


  5. Its crazy how early we still are.
    Case and point, hop onto any regional finance subreddit or even r/investing and mention crypto, and watch yourself get downvoted into oblivion and pummeled into nonsensical submission by risk-averse knob-jockeys.
    All I can say is there will be a reckoning, and when the masses finally have their financial epiphany the train will have well and truly left the station.

  6. The first asteroid someone mines a quintillion dollars of gold from will cause a tidal wave of crypto investments… Just an opinion which Im sure some of you share

  7. It’s really hard not to feel like you’re late to the game when one single bitcoin is over 50k euros as of today,
    But then I reckon if you break it down into building up satoshi’s, it feels more manageable.
    Happy to have started now nonetheless than not.

  8. And, yet, there are millions of people today whose defeatist and negative attitudes won’t let them participate because it’s more convenient to dismiss this opportunity and go back to non-stop complaining about “the man”, to whoever is still listening to them in their life.

  9. I just hope this early adoption can lead to not only some great investments, but possibly some life changing money later on in life. Cryptocurrency is revolutionary and seemingly cannot be stopped!

  10. # Super Fun fact:

    In 1994: **1%** of the global population was using the internet
    In 2020: **60%**

    In 2020: **<1%** of the global population was using/investing in cryptocurrencies.

    Anyone invested in crypto today is like investing in the internet at its beginning. We’re all incredibly early, and we’re all going to be pretty happy in the next 5-10 years if you all hodl.

  11. Yea been trying to explain this to people, it’s rough. Wait you put in $400 and sitting on $20k?? Pull that out!!! They don’t get how much more inflow over the next ten years is coming and how little 20k will be. Then you get people that argue X coin can’t get to that price ever cause bitcoin market cap…blah blah blah… They just don’t get it either.

  12. Why doesn’t the cryptocurrency visual have 20 blocks? This provides a very skewed image tbh..

    Edit: this is old data, to provide a better image we would need recent data. The crypto market has grown exponentially this year and thus expect it to have a larger percentage. Nonetheless, shows us that we’re still early

  13. It has to be even less than that. There’s a metric fuckton of value in things we haven’t even considered yet. Like art and beaurocracy.

    I do agree though, it’s not even remotely too late. This sub is at 2 mill subs. This is still fringe tech with enthusiasts following the news. Is everyone here even old enough to own crypto? How large a percent has a significant holding?

    Once we cross $100 trillion, I’d be more wary, untill then, we’re still waiting for global mass adoption, and OG investors to take this shit seriously.

  14. And that’s a 100x if we get to just 10% – and you’re all asking about coins that will 100x, any real big projects will, you just need to give them time! Invest, forget about it and retire early!

  15. About 1/2 of my wealth is in crypto Risky? Sure. Worth it? For me, sure is! I’ve had money in the game since 2017, doubled my money then. 2018 was tough, but have doubled or tripled my money or better each year since.

  16. I argue that crypto will grow to 50% of global wealth in an additive way (ie. global wealth grows by crypto market cap). With bitcoin half of non alt market cap that is $600T… ~$30M/btc

    Basic argument is that global wealth is concentrated and every other investment class is a stupid alternative if btc just doubles every 4 years.

  17. Bitcoin is like 0.10% of the global wealth currently, and there are 100 better cryptocurrencies. So if you invest in bitcoin you might get 10X but others are likely to do much better in the longer term.

    If bitcoin becomes more than 1% of global wealth the planet will burn up so there won’t be a longer term.



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