GalaxyFightClub Launched IDO on Polkastarter


Galaxy Fight Club is thrilled to launch the IDO (Initial Decentralized Offering) on Polkastarter for the $GCOIN coin. It could be one of the last chances to get involved with the Galaxy Fight Club and gain exposure to it in the future. The quest has only just started, and so as a group, they are more determined than ever to dominate the NFT-Gaming Space.

Galaxy Fight Club has been talking about it for a while and can’t wait to share it with their community, which has been incredible and supportive from the beginning.

Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) is the NFT Universe’s first cross-IP PvP game, allowing owners of various collections to log in and meaningfully engage with one another. 

This all originated with a concept: allowing players to transfer ownership of in-game assets—the concept of enabling for the exchange of these commodities, with both in-game and true economic worth. With the innovative play-to-earn mechanisms, they’re on a quest to become the NFT Gaming thought-leader and dominate the business.

On OpenSea, Galaxy Fight Club is built on two essential collections that may be seen and traded. The Galaxy Fighters, a compilation of 10129 NFTs representing seven different races, and the Genesis Weaponry, a limited resource with future weapons only available as in-game loot, are the two collections.

Both collections (each with 10,000 original NFTs) sold out in record time just moments after going on sale to the public. The Galaxy Fighters had an initial mint price of 0.08E, while the Genesis Keys (which may be used to open loot boxes to gain Genesis Weapons and other treasure) had an original mint price of 0.13E.

Polkastarter can be used by decentralized initiatives to raise public awareness, build a devoted audience, and get long-term support. The network’s users will be able to engage in a secure and regulated space and employ commodities both inside and outside the existing ERC20 standard.

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