GameStop Hiring Blockchain Analyst Specializing in Crypto and NFTs

GameStop Hiring Blockchain Analyst Specializing in Crypto and NFTs

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  1. Honestly this could be a good thing. I’ve heard rumors of companies issuing a dividend or warrants to shareholders through some kind of blockchain tech. This *could* be a way to expose all of the “counterfeit” shares and such which would force naked shorts to cover.

    I don’t think there’s much short interest left on GME but if this somehow did cause shorts to cover then it would at least end the GME mania that’s taking over most investment subs.

  2. I really do want to see Gamestop succeed….and not just because of the shareprice. I feel like they hold a place in gaming lore through all of the changes that have happened over the last 20-30 years.

  3. In the age of digital assets, is it possible for Gamestop’s game resale strategy to stay relevant through NFT? I’m still fairly new to the crypto space but as investor in stock and beginner in crypto, im very interested to see where this goes

  4. My Resume to GME:

    You have to pay me full price but ill only work 60% of the time.

    No returns, all sales are final.

    I only accept BTC payments.

    You can pre-order me now for a guaranteed hire date but its half a years salary, otherwise I may not be available.

  5. I can see it now! Game preorders will have limited edition NFT trading cards. Street Fighter already did it on the Atomic Hub (in the idea of having a video game IP as a digital collectible. MLB is going that route too (April 20t πŸ˜‰ ).

    NFT is NOT dead – hell, yesterday/today almost beat the high back in Feb. for traffic and volume.



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