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GameStop wallet, May 2022

GameStop, the game store at the center of one of the biggest short squeeze in history last year, is going crypto.

Flush with cash after their stock price rose from $5 in summer 2020, to now $95, GameStop says:

“Use your GameStop Wallet to buy, hold, swap, display, and utilize Ethereum-based assets.”

The browser wallet is similar to MetaMask. You download the extension, then interact with it through the browser.

It’s a self-custodian wallet, meaning this is a direct connection to the blockchain itself, allowing you to create a private and public key through which you can interact.

“Harnessing the power of Loopring’s zkRollup – an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling protocol – GameStop gives you low cost and fast transactions, with Ethereum security, opportunity, and global reach,” GME says.

Unlike Metamask, this wallet seems to be a bit more focused on NFTs, displaying them more conveniently.

That’s because the whole point of the wallet is probably to create an interface to interact or transact with NFTs.

Some NFT based game might even be coming, and the apes might be coming to crypto with it too as the WallStreetBets crowd and the crypto crowd continue to merge.

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