German Inflation hits 6% for month of November

German Inflation hits 6% for month of November

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  1. * Inflation rates far exceeding the ECB’s 2% goal across vast parts of the region have prompted officials including President Christine Lagarde to reassure citizens that price pressures won’t run out of control. A large portion, they argue, is due to temporary factors that will fade with time. Her colleague Isabel Schnabel attempted to assuage concerns in Germany this morning, explaining in a TV interview that “November will prove to be the peak.” *

    We’ll see, we’ll see.

  2. A staggering 6.1% Inflation rate was recorded in November, according to the IFO Business Climate Index. This is the highest level of inflation recorded in Germany since July, 2008. The inflation rate is still significantly lower than the 6$ reported today.

  3. it’s compared to a pretty low inflation month in 2020. Yes inflation is high and keynes sucks but give people all the facts. it’s gonna be around 3,5% inflation for the whole of 2021

  4. People do not care about inflation…

    They wiiiiiiiillingly use credit cards which on average charge 18% interest lol.

    People loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove robbing themselves lol.

  5. What do they mean Germany? Doesn’t Germany use the Euro, and therefore if Germany has 6% inflation then all Euro using countries also have 6% inflation, right? Am I missing something?

  6. Speaking about this, right now there’s nothing on their agenda to mitigate this. They’ll keep those numbers as low as possible and then eventually raise those rates and maybe crash the stock market

  7. Funniest thing is politicians/economists are still saying it’s just transitory and will decrease somewhere towards Q4 2022.

    I’ll tell you what will happen: January I’m going to my boss and demand a 11% instead of 7% raise because of inflation going from 2 to 6%. And when everybody starts doing this, **prices will increase even more.** It’s not going back down to 2% anytime soon. As in, not before 2025 probably. Perhaps much longer.

    And never forget, we’re talking about CPI. Which is quite an artificial way of defining inflation. It doesn’t take into account housing prices or other asset prices. ‘Real’ inflation according to Michael Saylor is closer to 1% a month and I tend to agree.

    Btw, even if they raise interest from .1% to 1%, that’s extremely unlikely to bring inflation back down from 6 to 2%. And they can’t increase it much more because governments will start going bankrupt. This whole fkn thing is 1 big cosmic joke.

  8. Price of bitcoin is based on the supply and demand. With inflation raising value of Fiat is losing its value, so the value of demand will decrease which decreases the the value of bitcoin but the power prices rising all over the world, I think bitcoin will not have a bill run this year.

  9. Oh yes? And what about the 3,5 years core trimmed median HICP? Isn’t that even lower? Now I see it’s evident, there is no need to worry. Except if you are a German family and you need to rent an apartment, use your heating and buy food.

  10. If you bought bitcoin in early November it’s down about 6%, so it’s not helping you hedge against inflation. Double whammy: prices of consumer goods up, your safe haven “store of value” decreased in value.

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