GET protocol -Update – 30% tokenburn, announcement of new ticketing companies, team is expanding x4 + more excitement

# GET protocol – NFT ticketing

GET protocol (NFT ticketing) has given their monthly update and there’s a lot to look forward to. I will briefly highlight the most exciting things.

* **30% of the total circulating supply has been burned** from the treasury (worth over 70 million $ at the time of writing). The remaining part will be used and controlled by GET holders in a DAO treasury.

**Transaction link** [](

# New ticketing companies adopting the GET protocol coming next month

*”There are several whitelabel parties approaching the moment of publication. I can’t wait for you to be able to check them out and Sherlock everything there is to know.* ***We will likely be introducing at least one, quite possible multiple new whitelabel candidates to you in the month of April****.*

*”These last few weeks have honestly been on another caliber. The types of talks we’re having and the organizations we are having them* ***with are what we have been dreaming about since the early days****.”*

**Talk of interested parties of different caliber -** my personal guess is that these types of parties are the size of NBA owners **Mark Cuban and Ted Leonsis.** Both have recently publicy stated the benefits of NFT ticketing. The exact ticketing solution GET is offering.




* **more utillity for the GET token.** Besides tokenburn based on ticketsales, GET tokens now have the utillity of **governance of the** DAO GET treasury aswell
* **Team is doubling the next 12 months**, currently got 25 teammembers and it will double to 50. And then it will double again (to 100). This shows the amount of the interest in the GET protocol from the industry. The company needs to scale up rapidly to deal with all new requests

*”The current goal is to double the team over the next twelve months. And then to double it again.”*

For the full update I refer to this blog:

GET still is a low market cap coin that has lots of potentional to grow short term and long term. It’s marketcap rank is only around the range of 300 on coingecko. Do your own research I still think GET is very undervalued compared to any other crypto project. No project with a similar marketcap has the same amount of adoption.

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  1. The use case is obvious and also called by Mark Cuban (not related to GET). It shows that there is demand for their product and the fact that it’s working and they have not gone broke as a 2017 ICO is very positive. Blockchain ticketing is a thing and GET has early mover advantage. There may be other projects offering similar stuff but have not come across any with this much adoption. The 10m token burn yesterday was a very clever move to add trust, before it was only a promise that 1/3 supply never would be used; now it CAN’T.

    Let’s see what Mark Cuban shares tonight on UpOnly TV with Cobie (7pm UTC).



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