Giganomics to Tokenomics – The ILCOIN Outlook on Earning Opportunities With WILC


The art of making money is as old as the concept of economics and the advent of legal tender or equally desirable commodities for barter. Earning is more of an approach to the actions undertaken for ensuring profits and time has evolved the concept from basic “buy low – sell high” to elaborate schemes of value offerings, enticing advertising and devious marketing. There is also the banal method of sitting at an office desk and watching the clock turn its arms while counting the pennies trickling into the bank account for an imitation of work.

But as harsh as it may sound, the concept of a seemingly stable 9-5 job is fading and being replaced with a short-term and unpredictable type of endeavor – giganomics. A growing number of people no longer have jobs, but gigs – temporary work, projects, flights of activity aimed at making some quick cash and moving on to the next gig. Such gigs have become exceedingly popular in times of economic instability, when employers are hesitant to maintain constant staff and are looking for cheap, fast and effective labor for getting some fleeting tasks done.

But giganomics is not a permanent phenomenon either, as the desire to kick back, relax and watch the money flow is overpowering. And this is where giganomics is giving way to tokenomics – the economy of the crypto industry that is rapidly evolving and moving towards becoming the main passive income provider on the market. The reality of the matter is that the crypto market really does offer people the chance to earn money by being a liquidity provider.

One of the newest and most attractive assets capable of providing such liquidity and passive earnings is the WILC token – an ERC-20 standard asset called Wrapped ILCOIN, which has stormed the Uniswap exchange with its liquidity mining offering and attracted the attention of the entire crypto community.

WILC tokens are versatile as assets and can be placed in virtually any liquidity pools with trading against such heavyweights as DAI, ETH and USDT with Uniswap providing easy onboarding for those willing to try passive earning for the first time, or seasoned industry veterans. The concept is simple and does not require as much effort as working on gigs – holders of WILC can simply stake their tokens on Uniswap alongside an equal amount of the aforementioned DAI, ETH or USDT.

As liquidity providers acting much like coin miners in a passive sense, the users staking their assets will be receiving commissions onto their wallets from each transaction on the service in the amount of 0.3% of the liquidity volume provided. The rewards are at the complete disposal of their owners and can be withdrawn at any time or sold on exchanges.

Interest towards DeFi is rising at an alarming pace and refugees from the world of active employment are migrating towards the decentralized arena of passive income generation, spurring demand for coveted tokens like WILC. And as interest towards the asset increases, its price adjusts to demand and rises, granting those already holding the tokens profits. In addition, as other users buy WILC or any other asset from a certain liquidity pool, an impermanent loss will be attained that will be automatically realigned by the buy/sell activities of other users, resulting in the balancing of the pool.

In a world where permanent employment is going extinct and jobs are becoming scarce, the need to make profits is taking on new forms and migrating to new markets like the crypto market, where WILC and other tokens are ready to embrace newcomers and show them a world of profit-making possibilities.

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