Gina Carano Blasts Disney After Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Dismissed!

Looks like the drama between Gina Carano and Disney is far from over! Carano took to social media yesterday to unleash a fiery response after Disney’s motion to dismiss her wrongful termination lawsuit got the green light.

Carano Accuses Disney of “Misrepresentation”

Carano claims Disney is unfairly painting her as a villain to justify her firing. She says they’re willing to “misrepresent, malign, and mischaracterize” her to win.

Let’s Rewind a Minute

Carano was fired from her role in “The Mandalorian” back in February 2021. The reason? Social media posts that many found offensive, including comparing being Republican to being Jewish during the Holocaust. This wasn’t the first time Carano’s online activity caused controversy. She’d also shared views promoting vaccine hesitancy and election denial.

Fast Forward to 2024

More than two years later, Carano sues Disney, claiming wrongful termination and sex discrimination. Disney fires back, calling her Holocaust comparison “grotesque” and insisting she was let go because her views didn’t align with the company’s values of respect, decency, integrity, and inclusion.

Carano: “They’ll Control What You Say!”

Carano feels Disney is trying to silence anyone who disagrees with them. She claims they’ll “take any chance they get to control what you say, what you think or they will attempt to destroy your career.”

Invoking the First Amendment

Carano argues the First Amendment protects her right to express her views, and that Disney can’t fire her for them. She believes they’re discriminating against her.

Carano Wants Her Mandalorian Job Back (and More!)

Carano isn’t giving up without a fight. She’s asking to be re-hired for “The Mandalorian” and is seeking compensation for lost wages and the damage to her career.

What’s Next?

This legal battle is far from over. Will Carano get her job back? Only time will tell! One thing’s for sure: the internet will be watching closely.

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