Global Supply Chains Under Threat. How might this impact Bitcoin? [Discussion]


If the global supply chains continue to slow, it may result in a complete change of life for the first world.

Questions to the community:

How might this impact the arrival of new Bitcoin related hardware such as ASICs, affordable nodes and hardware wallets?

Assuming this scarcity further impacts inflation, how might this impact the development of Bitcoin?

How might this impact the geo-location and arrival of new players in the mining arena?

How might this impact the overall speculation and adoption of Bitcoin?

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  1. Well, remember the difficulty adjustments happen every so often. So even if there are only the same number of miners as there are now until the supply chain issues are solved, the same # of Bitcoin will be mined and sold and traded.

    A question that I have is: As more people wake to the reality that fiat is a sham and a scam, will more people buy into Bitcoin…BUT will they have less available money to buy it because jobs will be impacted negatively by global supply chain issues?!

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