GloRilla’s Big Body Makeover Backfires? Rapper Debuts New Curves AND Scars at Barclays Center!

Cardi B’s bestie GloRilla just stepped out in Brooklyn with a whole lotta somethin’ somethin’ new going on… and we ain’t talkin’ ’bout a fire new verse! The Memphis rapper hit the stage at the April Fools Comedy Jam this week, but all eyes were glued to her figure after fans noticed what looked like some serious surgical scars.

Rapper GLO RILLA (Photo by John Nacion/Getty Images)

Spillin’ the Tea on Glo’s Glow-Up (Gone Wrong?)

We all know GloRilla’s been blowin’ up the charts lately, but it seems she’s also been investing in a little body upgrade. The rapper herself even hinted at a full-on makeover, including some brand new “lady parts.” Werk, girl! But according to the internet detectives (a.k.a. fans with eagle eyes), her surgeon might have dropped the ball on the invisibility cloak for those scars.

Scarred for Life? The Doctor Drama

For our beautiful queens of color, especially those melanin poppin’ like GloRilla, scar tissue can be a real struggle. That’s why the best surgeons usually work their magic through sneaky incisions, like the armpit, to keep those scars on the low-low. But Glo’s team apparently went a different route, leaving a visible scar right under her chest. Ouch! Not exactly the #BodyGoals look she was probably going for.

Still a Queen Regardless!

Let’s be real, even with a lil’ scar situation, GloRilla’s still out here shinin’ bright. Her Memphis roots run deep, and her talent speaks for itself. Those chart-topping hits like “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” and “Tomorrow” (ft. Cardi B, yasss!) don’t come with a flawless skin requirement.

**What do you think, boo? Should GloRilla hit up a different surgeon to fix those scars, or is it all about rockin’ what you got? Let us know in the comments! **

P.S. We stan a confident queen! Slay on, Glo! ✨

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