Goldman Sachs director quits after making millions from Dogecoin

Goldman Sachs director quits after making millions from Dogecoin

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  1. I think people don’t realize that working at Goldman Sachs is basically a living hell. People put in like 100 hour weeks on the regular and even when you’re at home sleeping you’re expected to respond to bullshit at like 3AM if someone wants to get ahold of you.

    Guy basically hit his number with Doge and decided to tell them to fuck off with their insane shit.

    It’s the [worst for the junior bankers](, but even the senior folks who are head of this or that put in almost as many hours.

    You’re either this super type-A personality who’s into masochism and $$$ or you’re going to burn out and have a heart attack by 40 there. This guy did the right thing, fuck that shit.

  2. Success is like being pregnant. People will congratulate you, but no one knows how many times you were fucked before you got there. And working for Goldman all these years definitely means he’s been fucked constantly. No one comes out of that place the same person.

  3. I wish we could pinpoint the exact chain of transactions to identify the hundreds of thousands of “doge supporters” who funneled their hundred bucks each to this guy

  4. This sub aspires to be this director with their fundamental analysis style education mindset but fails to make a profit when capitalizing on a short term opportunity.

    Now that credible people in the financial world are getting into it, attitudes and adoption will slowly change. But many here will remain stubborn as ever and completely convicted that they are superior and better people. For not engaging and at the same time, making fun of people who engage with these coins.

    This sub’s mindset is trash. I’m glad this director made his quick millions not going with the traditional mindset found in this sub.

  5. Yet another millionaire making millions more off the hysterical HODL money of the middle class “bubble bourgeois”.

    The ongoing cryptocurrency wealth transfer is amazing to watch.

    Had a lot of conviction in ETH, but sold at $2000 on a cost basis of $350 when the broader discourse deteriorated into “to the Moon 🚀”.

    Speculation begets speculation. The value of crypto is still there, but it needs a few layers of FOMO excess peeled back to get things straightened out.

    For the time being though, if you are up a lot, you should sell, at least some of it. That’s what everyone telling you to HODL is doing.

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