Goldman Sachs Predicts ‘Big Evolution’ Coming to Cryptocurrency Regulation

Goldman Sachs Predicts ‘Big Evolution’ Coming to Cryptocurrency Regulation

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  1. tldr; Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon foresees a “big evolution” coming to cryptocurrency regulation as demand for bitcoin from clients continues to rise. Goldman will continue to “continue to find ways to serve our clients as we move forward,” he said. Goldman Sachs recently brought back its bitcoin trading desk and will be offering a “full spectrum” of bitcoin investments.

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  2. on one hand regulation is good since it gives crypto validity and recognition. on the other hand regulation is bad for volatility and those price swings we love. altcoin moonshots would become much harder to achieve.

  3. The actual quote was “I think there’ll be a big evolution as to how this evolves in the coming years.”
    In other news, the pope is Catholic and bears shit in the woods.

  4. Does this translate to now that they realise how much money can be made from bitcoin, that they are going to regulate the shit out of it so they can take over some power?

  5. I love how easily Goldman Sachs has become such a supporter all of a sudden. Only 2 months ago they were calling it too unstable to be a real investment. This shows how much potential crypto really has

  6. it blows me away that people think thy need a bank to set them up in crypto… it yourself you ass, that’s the whole point!!!


    and yeah….regulation is definitely coming….and it’ll scare the crap out of the market initially to flush out the weak hands and give these guys better entry points…..



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