Goldman Sold $10.5 Billion of Stocks in Block-Trade Spree. Crypto goes up. What is Goldman Sachs up to?

Goldman Sold $10.5 Billion of Stocks in Block-Trade Spree. Crypto goes up. What is Goldman Sachs up to?

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  1. Jesus, did anybody read the article? This is a random financial article with nothing to do with crypto.

    I don’t get why you linked to this and tried to correlate it to the crypto markets in your title. The crypto markets go up and down all the time. The only thing I could think is you thought “block trade” had something to do with “blockchain”, but they’re completely unrelated.

  2. It states that a hedge fund Tiger Archegos or something like that was margin called which caused a sell off of numerous stocks. One of the most heavily affected was DISCA or Discovery which dropped like 30% on Friday.

    Another thing that caused it is the SEC is attempting to de-list certain Chinese companies from the American markets.

  3. I think the title is misleading. This might be unintentional but nevertheless worth mentioning.

    The title insinuates that Goldman Sachs sold shares they own (in various companies), in order to buy Bitcoin from the proceeds. Implying that they place a huge bet on Bitcoin, with their own money. Which is complete BS.

    GS trades on behalf of its clients who sold their shares. GS was the middleman. Nothing more.

    Relax people, GS will not save you. They are still the enemy. Act like it.

  4. Its funny how some “experts” warned that people could lose money if Bitcoin gets regulated. I guess nobody told them, that they can also lose money by holding stocks of companies that the SEC wants to better comply.

  5. All just speculation at this point, but would another big name to add to the book that has joined the crypto space.

    Even tho players like Goldman Sachs are basically why Bitcoin and others exist, their name and money surely helps us boost up further.

  6. We’ll never know so who cares. Unless you have a traders license then you know exactly what they’re doing and not obligated to share info. So what’s the point?



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