Good Games Guild Investment Guarantee From Animoca Brands

Good Games Guild Investment Guarantee From Animoca Brands

Good Games Guild is the game hub that aims to create the largest economy in the virtual world by funding millions of play-to-earn players, investing in play-to-earn games by their in-game assets, and building tools that improve the game’s future, the metaverse.

Good Games Guild is proud to announce that it has received an investment from Animoca Brands, the world leader in branded blockchain games. The new funding announced today will be used to help the Good Games Guild build the NFT gaming ecosystem and drive the growth of the ecosystem at large as a recruitment agency. 

Aditia Kinarang, CEO of Good Games Guild, stated that as one of the first play-to-earn guilds in the region, they are a pioneer in developing this space. Ensuring support from Animoca Brands is one of their strategies to make Good Games Guild the largest game hub for NFT games. 

Yat Siu, Chairman and Co-Founder of the Board of Directors of Animoca Brands, shared that the decentralized approach is an asset for both game developers and their players. Some users can even make enough money to make a living. The Good Games Guild has the passion and willingness to spread the play-to-earning revolution and help create an open Metaverse. 

Good Games Guild is a growing gaming platform that has achieved several milestones in its mission to be the global resource for play to earn gaming. As of November 2021, Good Games Guild has 400 active researchers with a daily average of 130 SLP  per researcher, over 16,500 guild members, with over 2 million SLPs under management, and one esports team joined as a contributor to the GGG NFT Marketplace. The G G Guild is growing and will continue to grow and develop towards success.

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