Got robbed today, 7,5k usd (all of my coins) are gone.

Well, just got robbed for 7,5k usd btc/bch.

How did it happen you may ask.
1. Google (You read that right). 2. Me being a dumb fuck.

Apparently there is people that abuse Google ads to advertise phishing links for (Literally when you would write Blockchain on Google the ad that shows up on top of the page is a phishing link).

For reasons i kept deleting my browser history today which lead to me having to search Blockchain on Google to access the website quickly. Little did i know that Google now supports scammers though.

The link is something along the lines of (sometimes takes you to “Blockchain” and sometimes says something about dogs. Apparently it logs the id & password you enter and later uses it to rob you.

Please be careful. I wish i was more careful too.


As you can see the scammers received over 2,3 million usd on that address.

Screenshot of the scam ad included. Screenshots of the transactions made from my wallet included. Screenshot of the address that received my money on blockexplorer included.

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  1. Make sure everyone reading this you have 2 Factor Authentication on all your financial accounts.

    Spread them so they just aren’t on emails i.e phones, pagers, homing pigeons, whatever you got.

  2. I know this comment won’t make it better for you, but damn, why do people not use 2FA? Do they think it’s unnecessary? Are they too bored for the extra 20 seconds it takes?

  3. This simply did not happen. First of all, there is no such Google ad. Secondly you can’t secure your crypto with just a login and password. Are you doing this for moons, for pity, for the lulz or all of the above?

    Edit: is for sale. You’re full of it. People like you should be banned.

  4. Sorry for this shit to happen to you man, too many fuckers out there.

    It is a lot of money, hope not life altering to the point you needed it to live off. If you’re just starting out, this is a shitty life lesson but you’ll bounce back, you’re already ahead of many in this world getting into crypto. Wear the loss, move on, build back.

    Year from now this will just be a shitty memory and you’ll be back on the path you want to be.

  5. >Little did i know that Google now supports scammers though

    this has been happening for ages, it’s not a new phenomenon. it’s mainly a problem on youtube, but since it’s all the same ad service, it’s expected to see the fraudulent ads on google too. facebook also has way too many phishing ads, at one point i was reporting those religiously but they’d always pop up under different pages (same links though, and the exact same text), so i guess facebook (and other tech companies) don’t care that much as long as they’re getting paid. Better start using an adblock from now on, make sure to use one that isn’t paid by google though (some adblocks are paid to allow google ads)

  6. But why did you have to repeatedly delete your search history that day? Was it porn? Please tell me it was at least bad porn or else every time you fap to that shit you’re gonna remember your 7.5k loss.

  7. Quite honestly someone needs to make a class action lawsuit against Google for profiting off of scam advertisements. Why is an ad agency allowed to take money from a scam to post their ad on a “trusted” platform? Same thing with Apple and Facebook. If you download an app of the apple App Store and it’s a straight up scam or you click on a Facebook ad and it’s a scam, how is that not at least partially their fault?

  8. I mean the URL of this website is, why on earth did you even click on it? Not to mention that it says right next to it in bold text “Реклама”…



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