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  1. You can support a project because of the philosophy AND the gains.

    Lets not pretend that creating an operating system for civilizations doesn’t come with profits to the early investors and community initiatives. But ultimately, a Decentralized world with a, decentralized finance, decentralized identity, and a decentralized voting mechanism for people to improve their lives is something sorely needed right now.

    For me, the gains will be used to further supplement my knowledge, and understanding to eventually position myself to work towards bringing about a better world through Decentralized and self sustaining technologies.

    Power to the edges. Power to the people. Decentralize the world.

    Crypto on people.

  2. Sure do see a lot of this on crypto subreddits.. and by “this”, I mean people supposedly investing for reasons other than gains. If you want to support something without getting much back, buy merch.

  3. Ppl dont understand Cardano if they only invested cuz gains. The whole Vision is huge and we as a community already took a scam daedalus wallet on Google Play down the road.

    It’s not about price and gains, its a cool side effect of course.

    But imagine what Cardano bribg the world like africa. Cardano will be very helpful for many african countries. Cardano is about changing the world.

    This is why Cardano is more stable and outoerformed all the top 30 coins qhen they dumped. Because the cardano community isnt based on weak hands only havibg eyes for money. We believe into Cardano as a project. And we benefit from it by investing in it.

  4. I got ada but i don’t think this is crypto that you can get rich on… Like, it will never reach more than 10$ with its supply and you would have to pump thousands into it to have any significant gain. Just my opinion tho



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MoneyGram ends its relationship with Ripple over the SEC lawsuit.

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