Great interview with Michael Saylor with James from Invest Answers!

Love this! You can tell that Michael was having more fun than usual and that he liked the more in depth analysis’s of BTC

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  1. It was good. The question at the end was the most intriguing. I like when interviewers take a detour off the main topic, let the interviewee vamp about whatever off topic thing they want to talk about and we get to see a different side of them. His answer helps explain why education seems so important to him, at least that was my interpretation.

  2. Has to be one of my fav crypto podcast ever.

    James is incredibly humble, and comes in very well prepared like always. He gets along with Michael very well.

    On the other hand I just love hearing about Michael Saylor and his insight always.

    The way he explains something is sometimes a long path, but once you get it, it just makes so much sense.

    He really knows what’s important and act upon it. I am just surprised he didn’t mention El Salvador more and how the South America continent are all just waiting to see how it turns out.

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