Great Twitter thread on RSK smart contracts.

Great Twitter thread on RSK smart contracts.

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  1. This is amazing, can’t wait for devs to bring sidechains with features from your favourite shitcoin. There are some that have free instant transaction. There will be no excuse for many altcoins to exist anymore.

    As a long term holder, I knew this would be the path, and I am happy advances are been made in this direction.

    It will be interested to see if the shitcoins will adapt to make themselfs sidechains of Bitcoin.

  2. I am using Sovryn(SOV), which runs on RSK, and lemme tell you, it is amazing. You can lend and yield farm, all while holding ur own keys and hardware wallet. Yield farming by providing ur btc for AMM (automated market making) is giving crazy returns: 2 SOV (about 60usd) in rewards in only 8 days, and my stake is only 2k usd, split half in rBTC and half in SOV. That’s almost a 100% api, though yield farming doesn’t have a fixed rate. Absolutely bananas.

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