Guide: Protect your MetaMask Wallet and remove old smart contract approvals

Something I’ve recently been doing but haven’t seen being discussed on this subreddit is removing shady smart contract approvals from you MetaMask Wallet.

If you’ve using daps on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, etc, then your wallet most likely has a growing list of smart contracts that you’ve approve giving the smart contracts approval to spend your coins and tokens. These smart contrast have limits on the amount of assets they can move from your wallet however these limits are always let to an infinite number basically allowing the smart contract to move any amount of funds from you wallet.

This can become a security risk if you’ve used new or shady daps that cannot guarantee your security so it is a good idea to end approval to these smart contracts once you are done using them.

*How to Remove Smart Contract Approval:*

1. Go to []( and connect your MetaMask wallet.
2. Click on the profile tab on the left.
3. Go to the approval tab and select the network associated with the smart contract you want to remove.
4. Press decline on the the smart contract that you want to remove. MetaMask will prompt you to approve this, press approve. (NOTE: you will need to pay gas fees for this)

After you follow steps 1-4 the smart contract should be removed from you approval list. Sometimes it’s not instant so give it 5-10 before you check again.

Stay safe and remember to protect yourself.

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