H3H3 selling Vape Nation NFT

The youtuber Ethan Klein of H3H3 Productions and the H3 Podcast has listed [250 Vape Nation NFTs for sale on OpenSea]( on the 5th anniversary of their famous YouTube video.

Interesting to see someone who hasn’t ever really publicly said much on blockchain topics enter the space. He did a video about the Bitconnect fiasco a few years ago but as far as I know that’s about the only time he’s touched on crypto at all.

Looks like they are selling for 1ETH each which seems a lot more reasonable than some of the other NFT sales that have been popping up lately. I’m not buying any but I thought it would be interesting to bring up the topic and see what peoples’ thoughts on it are.

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  1. I love how every time 2 things I enjoy get combined, it becomes incredibly cringey. I personally wouldn’t touch an nft right now unless you got it for free or minted it yourself, buying and holding alts is already enough risk for my taste

  2. I have forgotten about that channel. They where good but they have like a year without posting a new video and I’m not a big fan of their podcast.

    Either way, they are still quite popular so they will make more people interested in crypto in general so awesome!



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