Hacker Who Stole Records of 1B Chinese Citizens Demands 10 Bitcoins

Hacker Who Stole Records of 1B Chinese Citizens Demands 10 Bitcoins

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  1. The same will happen to the EU once they have introduced the new legislation where anyone who transacts via 3rd party custodians (banks, centralized exchanges) will be put into a registry with their personal data and the regarding addresses. This planned registry will be a honey pot. Hopefully for the EU citizens this law will never be put in place like that. Otherwise the EU would likely have to take responsibility for many kinds of crimes. Like theft, robbery or even murder. This could get quite nasty and might not end well for the legislators themselves.

  2. tldr; An anonymous hacker named ChinaDan has offered to sell the personal data of 1 billion Chinese residents for 10 Bitcoins. The hacker allegedly came by the information through a cybersecurity attack that took place earlier this year. Notably, the data in question includes names, phone numbers, addresses, birthplaces, and other relevant info.

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