Hasbro launches its first Power Rangers NFT

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• The toy company will display non-expendable Dino Megazord parts next Sunday.
• Hasbro may release the Magic: The Gathering  NFT set in the coming weeks.

Hasbro, an American toy company about to celebrate its 100th anniversary, was interested and finally entered the NFT trade. In April, the firm that first spoke about its attraction to non-fungible tokens is now pleased to announce its Power Rangers-based NFT collection.

According to the company, these NFT parts can extract a unique version of the Dino Megazord character from the ’90s series. The toy company would be entering the NFT market, showing the first of many non-fungible parts it could take out.

Hasbro discusses NFT piece based on Power Rangers


The toy company Hasbro revealed at the Pulse-Con event its first NFT collection that will be available to VIP customers in all its stores. In this Power Rangers NFT collection, the company shows Megazord pieces, one of the most recognized characters in the series.

After this disclosure, Hasbro did not provide details on the cost of the non-expendable parts, although it is believed that they will be exclusive. These pieces can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies or real money in the first week of November using the Worldwide Asset exchange.

These announcements come after the company launched its new Lord Zedd helmet, priced at $120. The helmet will be put up for sale in all stores after the start of spring next year.

The toy company and its attraction to NFTs

For many NFT market fans, it is no wonder Hasbro released its first of many non-expendable parts. In April, the company showed its attraction to virtual commerce and the huge pieces that celebrities like Snoop Dogg have released. Somehow the company wants to join this new business to get an economic benefit from it.

In April, the toy company said it was creating an NFT collection on the Magic: The Gathering. This board game has brought a lot of profit to the company, so they released an NFT collection based on it. However, plans changed after the launch of his NFT Power Rangers collection.

Although Hasbro has not spoken publicly about the Magic: The Gathering project, it may still be in the making. This particular game has brought the company more than $500,000 in profit, both on the classic card game and its pieces. This would show that Magic: The Gathering has a lot of fans, so putting out an NFT collection based on it would not be a bad idea.

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