Hash rate down 40%.

Just saw a tweet (see my edit) someone shared about China having blackouts in Xinjiang that affects the Three Gorges Dam and in return the hash rate; and while googling a bit, another story claimed it could be accidents at coal mines. Sounds like mixed stories since one claimed it’s hydro power affecting it and another coal.

Anyway moving to my point, it sparked a debate with someone saying BTC price will plummet if we lose those miners. Is this true?

My understanding is that the network can and will adjust the difficulty to accommodate the available miners, so if we lose some it shouldn’t affect the network and/or price too adversely – at least in the long run once the news and panic settles.

Is this true? My knowledge is limited so genuinely asking for more expert input.


Edit: [here’s the tweet]( and it appears it’s based on ATH hash rate. Sorry, not trying to spread FUD, my question is aimed at the network design regardless of what’s true in the news.

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  1. From how i understand it they shut down the grid for security inspections to account for the accidents at coal mines. Hard to say what’s the whole story is here. Did some googling myself but there is nothing (in English at least).

    Miners will come back online sooner or later or not at all. This doesn’t matter at all to bitcoin, the network will adjust.

    Of course, users will have an opinion on how this is a problem and this is the only thing that affects the price. Maybe people think it’s bad (ming centralization argument). Maybe people think it’s good (since bitcoin will resist). Who knows?



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