Have a transaction unconfirmed for days

I have a transaction I sent out a few days ago, and it still hasn’t been confirmed due to low fees, I sent it vis the blockchain app, is the transaction unconfirmed forever?


Hash: ff85f3755b2438b954bf1531843787852dcce109a78405b796ba85c5453bb694

Anything I can do? I’ve taken so many losses this month I’m going to go crazy. I need just one win.

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  1. We appear to be in the game equivalent of a special event where the transaction fees have spiked up for some vague duration of time. This means lower fees are more screwed than usual, and you’re paying a premium for next block service.

    This will probably fix itself in a week or so. Don’t worry about the eventual outcome- if the recipient can see the unconfirmed status transaction, it will eventually happen. Someone more knowledgable can comment, but purging is exceptionally rare as I understand it and only has happened for comically low fees like 1 sat right?

  2. It’ll come back 😊
    Did you try to lower the fees?
    I did this and it took like a week.
    It’ll go back to the wallet you sent from if it doesn’t get validated within a certain period . There is a way to force it to resend but I never could understand it. I’d just wait



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