Have you used crypto to pay for goods or services?

There have been talks and I was curious after seeing the recent top posts about spending your crypto. Apart from the investment returns, have you made a purchase for goods or services using crypto? Using the crypto for staking or interesting earning probably doesn’t count. Paying for pizzas or VIP membership to watch human reproduction would count. Donating some crypto for a cool tool someone created (like []( would certainly count.

Feel free to share which crypto you used. How easy it was to get hold of it in the first place. How widely accepted is that crypto. Do you regret paying for that now? Would you continue to pay with crypto?

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  1. I think it’s not so wise to spend crypto right now. Bitcoin is still very young and most people and businesses still feel unsafe holding it. So when you pay with bitcoin they immediately convert it to USD. This way it’s actually the same as converting it to USD yourself and then paying with that USD.

    Right now people just need to get comfortable holding crypto and not planning to sell it back to USD. This is gonna take some while though. Also the price increases are still way too high to spend it. This will get better as we reach higher marketcaps.

    I will start to pay for goods with crypto when the price increases are modest like gold right now and businesses actually hold the crypto.

  2. I used to spend a lot of BTC and ETH back in the day. Fees were cheap back then. Too bad I didn’t adopt the spend and replace strategy.

    Won’t do the same mistake with the feeless one.



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