He believed Apple’s App Store was safe. Then a fake app stole his life savings in bitcoin.

Be careful, there are a lot of scams out there.


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  1. Read the comments of the article. They’re mostly about “that’s why you don’t invest in Bitcoin, it’s a scam” instead of “it was foolish to enter your seed phrase into a mobile app”.

  2. If his coins were on a Trezor, and were stolen by putting ‘credentials’ into an app, that means he had to have put his seed words into the app, right? Which then begs the question of ‘wtf was he thinking’ – it’s a scary story on some level but also, as always, ultimately comes down to user error. Never enter your seed words into anything. And if you really really must (for example if you lost your hardware wallet and needed to restore it) then do every fucking piece of due diligence you can, which would include doing the process on a clean desktop system.



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