Hello Fellow Bitcoiners, I need your help

I have been storing bitcoin on a web wallet ([]( [booo, yes I know]. Unlike most of the people here rant, I had no issue with their wallet (scams etc.) It still uses old legacy, and now I’m aware how horrible web wallets are. I’m planning to move to Electrum, and later to Trezor model T. I currently have little less than 1 BTC. Once I have more than 1 coin, I’m planning to buy a Trezor. I think because of it’s a old legacy wallet, it charges alot when I’m sending. So my questions are;

1. Can I customize sat/byte before sending and suggest me a suitable range. (I’m not in a hurry, but I want it to be transferred within a month)
2. I’ve set up Electrum to its default (p2wpkh, bip32, Bech32 addresses) and set up a watch only wallet, since I’m planning to hodl about 5 – 10 yrs or more. Have I done it correctly, Am I ok?
3. Any other tips would be appreciated

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